Whether its divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support, adoption, grand parents rights, visitation enforcement,...we can help.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

As one of the preeminent family law practices in Greenwood, Indiana and the surrounding communities, we are respected for our history of success in representing clients in marital dissolution (divorce) cases involving complex, substantial asset division and conflict prone child custody battles.

As our main practice areas are divorce and family law, we handle cases that fall into a wide spectrum of issues ranging from divorce and legal separation, same sex dissolution's, paternity and guardianship cases involving children, the elderly, and individuals with special needs.

In addition to litigation we are actively involved in mediation in the family law area, both as counsel to the couples in mediation and as mediators. We can work with those seeking an amicable divorce or a highly contentious divorce case.

We also do a lot of representation in cases involving the non-payment of child support or spousal maintenance which can be financially and emotionally devastating to those involved.  Spousal support addresses the amount of money one spouse may have to pay to their ex-spouse or and above the division of marital assets and property.

The caution to any settlement is that you really need to make sure you have had sufficient disclosure so that in settling you know exactly what is or should be "on the table" and to ensure that any agreements are not subject to future challenge.

Our experienced lawyers can handle virtually any family law related issue. Here's a few of the most common legal problems we help our clients resolve:


Many law firms who advertise or say they are divorce attorneys only due so when they cannot find other legal work they enjoy more.  Our legal team only does family law, of which the majority of our cases involve or start with a divorce proceeding.  We have the experience as divorce lawyers to help ensure that you have a strong case so that you are treated fairly by the courts throughout the process, thus protecting your future.

Complex Divorce

Our divorce lawyers have many ways to get a clear picture of the issues in complex divorces; such as those involving family business, significant premarital assets of one or both spouses, and other issues. We use accountants, business analysts, appraisers and other relevant experts to determine both the current and future value of your assets and debts, locate hidden assets and perform tracing to distinguish separate assets from co-mingled assets. If separate assets have been co-mingled with marital assets, these assets may be considered marital property and thus open to property division.

Child Custody

Custody of minor children can be one of the most stressful aspects of divorce. Considering the needs of the children and the level of desire of each parent to continue being involved in their children's lives can create severe emotional duress.  Also, the courts are often not the best decision makers in these cases. It is of significant benefit to all involved to work out the custody arrangements with our attorneys so that the court honors your wishes.


Adoption often requires complex legal agreements with many issues to be considered.  The type of adoption or location of the adoption ie. in the country or overseas can create additional potential legal hurdles. We are able to guide you and legally protect you as you take on the exciting role of parent. We have the expertise to let you focus on becoming a parent while we ensure you can legally do so in a way that protects your interests as well as those of your new child.

Spousal and Child Support

Child support is determined using a calculation that takes into account both parties' incomes, the amount of maintenance being paid, the number overnights that each parent has with the children, the amount of work related child care expenses, cost of health insurance, and certain other statutorily approved expenses.

Unfortunately, Child Support Enforcement does not collect spousal maintenance payments when not in conjunction with child support, nor does it collect medical expenses, educational expenses, or extracurricular activity expenses owed for your children. The law allows for the yearly exchange financial information between parents so that child support may be adjusted if appropriate. We can help them focus on the big picture and the end game, instead of the gut reaction that most have when served with papers for divorce, or child support or custody.