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About Us

Why Choose our Greenwood Family Law and Divorce Attorneys to help you?

The end of a marriage is an emotionally charged time filled with legal complexities.  Attempting to end a marriage is usually an emotional time made harder by unknown legal complexities. As your one household becomes two both spouses will face an uncertain future as the divorce proceedings begin.

We allow our clients the time needed to work through the personal issues that arise with their spouses, children, and often extended family. Our role is to navigate you through the legal process towards dissolution of your marriage.

Indiana residents come to us to discuss their concerns surrounding their possible divorce. Protecting their assets and securing the needed financial support is vital to a positive outcome and future as a divorced person.

Custody and Visitation schedules are important to work out as to ease the transition for your children and provide theme quality time with both parents.

Honesty and open disclosure is important, and you prepare as much as possible to come in and talk with your lawyer with a commitment to providing us the information we need, especially as the process is beginning via the initial consultation.

Providing us all the facts without concealing certain details helps us build a strong fact based case. We can provide the best representation when we have all the facts, and understand the story that brought you to this point.

In return, our legal team will provide you legal representation that emphasizes professionalism and ethics. We do not make promises we cannot keep. However, we can vow to do everything possible to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children. Our approach has led to our clients returning to our firm for help with child custody and support modifications when needed as they have come to trust and depend on us to look out for their best interests.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We can get you on the road to improving your situation and your future.